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Top 10 Pegasus Podcast Episodes of 2020

10. Dr. Emily Bonistall of Marsy's Law Kentucky talks Victimology and Policy in 2020

The Director of Outreach for Marsy’s Law for Kentucky, Dr. Emily Bonistall-Postel, joined the Pegasus Podcast to discuss her time as an academic, victimology, and the need for constitutional protections for crime victims in Kentucky.

9. 2020 Violent Crime Summit with Guests Christopher 2X and US Attorney Russell Coleman

United States Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky Russell Coleman and Peace & Justice Advocate Christopher 2X joined the Pegasus Podcast to recap the 2020 Violent Crime Summit and discuss where we go from here.

8. Choice in Education for Our Families with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul

United States Senator Rand Paul joined the podcast to discuss his SCHOOL Act and the need for increased educational opportunities in an era of government-imposed public school closures.

7. Remembering the Boston Tea Party, Samuel Adams, and the Sons of Liberty

University of the Cumberlands professor Nathan Coleman joined the Pegasus Podcast for our annual Fourth of July episode to discuss the Boston Tea Party, Samuel Adams, and the Sons of Liberty.

6. Tort Reform in Kentucky with Janet Norton of Baptist Health

Janet Norton, Vice President and Chief Legal & Regulatory Affairs Officer for Baptist Health joined the Pegasus Podcast to discuss the need for tort reform in Kentucky. Ms. Norton discusses both her personal experiences with Kentucky’s tort system and policies that would improve it.

5. Why We Must Reopen Our Schools with Dr. Gary Houchens

Pegasus Institute Senior Fellow and Professor of Educational Administration at Western Kentucky University Dr. Gary Houchens joined the Pegasus Podcast to talk about the shortcomings of virtual learning and the implications of keeping schools closed in the fall.

4. Understanding Local Tax Reform with JD Chaney of Kentucky League of Cities

In 2018, Kentucky began the process of reforming its tax code. While the state tax system has started to become more competitive, local tax structures are still in desperate need of reform. JD Chaney, Executive Director of the Kentucky League of Cities, joined the Pegasus Podcast to discuss what the problems are and what can be done about it.

3. Leave the Vape Industry Alone with Guest Paul Blair of Americans for Tax Reform

Paul Blair of Americans for Tax Reform joined the Pegasus Podcast to discuss why the a tax on vape products is misguided, both as a matter of public health policy and tax policy.

2. COVID-19 UPDATE: AG Cameron Sues, Unemployment Money Running Out and Crime Spikes

In the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, Josh and Jared discussed Kentucky Attorney General Cameron’s lawsuit over restrictions on church services, Kentucky’s of unemployment insurance money running out, and violent crime in Louisville continuing to rise.

1. Restoring the Balance of Power in Kentucky with KY State Rep. Savannah Maddox

Kentucky State Representative Savannah Maddox joined the Pegasus Podcast to discuss the need for reforming KRS 39(A), Kentucky’s emergency declaration statute. Rep. Maddox pre-filed a bill to restore the balance of powers in Kentucky for the next legislative session.

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