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Top 10 Pegasus Institute Blogs of 2020

10. 40 Restaurants Join Lawsuit Against Governor

By Erinn Broadus

As coronavirus regulations continue to plague restaurants and businesses, some restaurant owners filed a lawsuit against the Governor for unfair and overly restrictive requirements. Back Door owner, John Dant, along with Dundee Tavern owner, Alan Hincks, sued the state in late August. Since then, 40 other restaurants and bars from all over Kentucky have joined the lawsuit.

9. Guest Blog: Kentucky's Emergency Order Statutes are Being Tested. They Grant Too Much Power

By Jason Pye

As declarations of emergency and government-imposed lockdowns spread throughout the country as the coronavirus pandemic first hit the US, Jason Pye, Vice President for Legislative Affairs at FreedomWorks, took a look at Kentucky’s Emergency Powers Statute, KRS 39(A), and raised questions about the separation of powers and need for reforms.

8. Kentucky Started a National Movement to Treat Female Prisoners Better, but More Work is Needed

By Courtney Spencer

Summer intern Courtney Spencer highlights how a Pegasus-backed bill that helped women in Kentucky’s criminal justice system started a national movement to improve conditions for incarcerated women.

7. The CARES Act: Relief, But What About Recovery?

By Dr. John Garen

Pegasus Institute Senior Fellow and University of Kentucky economics professor, Dr. John Garen, explains why economic recovery only comes when businesses can open back up and commerce can resume, regardless of government relief.

6. Kentucky Meets Most of the Criteria of White House Phase One for Reopening…

By Staff

In late April, Kentucky met most of the White House’s criteria for re-opening but elected not to re-open.

5. Kentucky Could Be Out of Money to Pay Unemployment Benefits in Less Than a Month

By Jordan Harris

With such a large percentage of Kentucky’s workforce filing for unemployment after government-imposed lockdowns due to COVID-19, it was apparent as early as late-April that Kentucky’s unemployment insurance trust would soon run out of money.

4. New Analysis Shows that Increases in Self-Initiated Police Activity Reduce Homicides

By Josh Crawford and Dr. Corrie Block

Executive Director Josh Crawford and Senior Fellow Dr. Corrie Block take a closer look at the relationship between self-initiated police activity and homicides in Louisville.

3. Kentucky State Budget Grew 12 Times More Than Population Growth From 2000 to 2018

By Austin Dillon

New data compiled by Americans for Tax Reform shows drastic growth in Kentucky’s state budget in the past eighteen years, outpacing both population growth and inflation. Between 2000 and 2018, Kentucky experienced 9.4% growth in population. Kentucky’s state budget, however, grew 116.12% – more than double the 18-year inflation rate (45.8%). In fact, Kentucky’s budget growth is more than double the inflation rate and population growth rate combined.

2. Tennessee has Tested 3x as Many Residents as Kentucky and has 40% Fewer Deaths Per Capita

By Jordan Harris

In April, Tennessee jumped out to an early coronavirus testing advantage over Kentucky while having fewer deaths and hospitalizations per capita. All while having a more open economy.

1. Nearly Half of Kentucky’s Workforce Has Filed for Unemployment

By Erinn Broadus

Between March 6th and June 13th of this year, Kentuckians filed 970,541 unemployment claims. Roughly 47 percent of the state’s labor force – or the population 16 years or older that is currently employed or actively looking for work – is unable to find work.

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