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Podcast: Relief for American's Justice System

The last few months presented America’s justice system with many unprecedented challenges. As our public safety officials worked to balance both the safety or their communities, and the need to keep prisons, jails, courts, and more COVID-19 free, we saw new issues and new successes. Cities across the country worked to safely reduce jail population and transfer non-violent offenders into treatment programs or back into the workforce. Unfortunately, in many instances, jails and prisons became coronavirus hotspots, and officials had to work quickly to adjust. Now, as we work to continue keeping all of our institutions virus free, our justice system is in desperate need of resources.

On this week's podcast, Kevin Madden, VP of Advocacy for Arnold Ventures, joins us to discuss the importance of assisting and advocating for safe alternatives to incarceration during these unprecedented times. Issues of safety and health should not be partisan issues. Keeping our fellow citizens in safe institutions should not be controversial. It is time we recognize the value of these programs, and invest in their success.

So, what should be in the next COVID relief package? We talk about what should be in and out of the next round of federal government assistance with Kevin and our team. Listen now!

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