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Podcast: Amid Calls to 'Defund Police', Record Breaking Violence Plagues America's Cities

For many years, America's largest cities saw decreasing crime rates. Places that once suffered from thousands of homicides, like New York City, saw decreases down into the low hundreds. Major cities like Los Angeles and Boston saw significant reductions in violent crime. Unfortunately, in the last decade, as pundits have celebrated low violence numbers on the aggregate, many cities, and specifically a very select few neighborhoods in our country saw tremendous increases in violent crime. Louisville suffered from its most violent year ever in 2016 and each year since has had above average rates of violent crime. In 2020 the city is on pace to have its most deadly year ever.

So what might be causing some of these current spikes in violent crime? Rafael Mangual, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, joins us on this week's podcast to give perspective on just how drastic some of these violent crime spikes are, and what cities must recognize are effective data-driven solutions to reduce crime.

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