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NEW REPORT: Ending Louisville's Ban on Cigar Bars

Louisville, like many other jurisdictions across the country has worked to create smoke free workplaces in the last few decades. In response to concerns about second-hand smoke, lawmakers quickly enacted "smoke free ordinances,” which unfortunately were applied broadly - not to targeted industries.

This has resulted in an overly burdensome regulatory structure that restricts businesses like cigar bars and hookah lounges. Louisville exempts a select few industries from its smoke free ordinance, but that exemption does not extend to cigar bars.

As Louisville looks to emerge from the pandemic with a more vibrant downtown and tourism scene, it is critical that city council members implement business friendly ordinances - including, among other policies, a proper regulatory structure which allows cigar bars.

In our newest policy primer, we examine the current regulatory structure that prohibits cigar bars in Louisville, and provide recommendations for local leaders to amend the Smoke Free Ordinance in order to create a safe and robust cigar bar industry.

Find the full report HERE

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