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COVID-19 Hospitalizations in Kentucky Have Slowed Considerably Over the Last Week

New data shows that Kentucky's hospitalizations related to COVID-19 have slowed considerably this week, with daily new admissions going down by more than 75% over the last seven days.

As of April 24th, the state has 303 individuals hospitalized for COVID-19, with 164 individuals currently in the ICU. The new admissions bring the total number during the pandemic to 1,143. Friday's numbers bring the average daily admissions over the last seven days to 19.2 individuals per day. That's considerably lower than the seven day period that proceeded it, which ended on Friday, April 17th, in which the state averaged 78.4 new admissions per day.

The number of tests administered by Kentucky over the last seven days was 2,052, a significant increase over the 779 tests per day the preceding week. Though Kentucky has increased its daily number of tests is still trails almost every neighboring state on a per capita basis. Tennessee, for example, administered 5,820 tests per day over the last seven days.

As testing becomes more widely available and total daily case numbers increase, the hospitalization rate may provide a more accurate representation of the state's position in fighting the coronavirus. At no point over the last five weeks has Kentucky been close to exceeding its hospital capacity. Kentucky currently has 6,210 available hospital beds and 449 available ICU beds, far more than the current or projected hospitalizations or ICU bed needs for the state.

Presently, 4% of available bed space in the state is being used by COVID-19 patients.

On Thursday, Governor Beshear announced that beginning Monday, April 27th, the state would be easing a small handful of restrictions to allow for diagnostic and radiology testing, as well as non-urgent, emergent, in-person office and ambulatory visits.

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