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  • Jared Crawford

Welfare Reform and HB1 on the Pegasus Podcast

HB1 in the 2020 Kentucky Legislative Session is a multi-faceted welfare reform bill. As has been the goal for many years now, legislators are looking for ways to reform Kentucky's many government services to help provide aid in a way that allows people to get to a place where they no longer need it. HB1 looks to provide a pathway to self-suffiency for more Kentuckians - while still making sure we are protecting our most vulnerable. Anne-Tyler Morgan, a Pegasus Senior Fellow, has spent many years working in and out of government on a variety of government benefit programs. She was involved in last years interim task force on public assistance reform, and has played a critical role in the drafting of HB1 this year. So, we decided to chat with about what is in HB1, and how Kentucky could benefit from it.

Find our full conversation OUT NOW on the Pegasus Podcast with the links BELOW:

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