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  • Jared Crawford

School Choice in Kentucky on the Pegasus Podcast

A few weeks ago our organization released our latest report, "Economic Impacts of School Choice in Kentucky. This report aimed to quantify the potential positive economic impacts of bringing charter schools to Louisville. The report relied on rigorous scientific studies and past work to quantify and evaluate these impacts.

The report finds that access to public charter schools could provide the following citywide economic benefits:

$138 million in economic benefits from higher lifetime earnings associated with increases in academic achievement

$54 million from additional high school graduates

$6 million from reductions in the social costs associated with crimes

$13 million each year from reductions in public education spending

On today's podcast, Corey DeAngelis, who authored the report, takes us through his methodology and findings. We discuss not only the economic argument for charter schools, but the moral and philosophical argument to allow families to have more options when it comes to their child's education.

You can find the full report HERE


Find our full conversation OUT NOW on the Pegasus Podcast with the links BELOW:

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