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  • Josh Crawford & Amanda Hall

Our groups couldn't be more different, but we agree on criminal justice bills

Over the last several years, policymakers, advocates and academics on both sides of the political aisle have reexamined aspects of the American criminal justice system. The same has been true on the state level here in Kentucky.

The organizations we represent, Pegasus Institute and the American Civil Liberties Union of KY, couldn’t be more different, and we haven’t always agreed on criminal justice policy. In fact, we’ve probably disagreed more often than we’ve agreed since we’ve both been in Frankfort. It’s not that our goals were necessarily different, but how we approach issues of crime, public safety and incarceration have been different.

This legislative session, however, there are two bills we both enthusiastically support — Rep. Derek Lewis’ House Bill 284 and Rep. Kevin Bratcher’s House Bill 327.

Continue reading the entire piece here in the Louisville Courier-Journal

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