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  • Jared Crawford

2020 Violent Crime Summit on the Pegasus Podcast

On January 23, 2020, the US Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky, Russell Coleman, held the 2020 Violent Crime Summit. The objective of the three hour summit was simple - to discuss the devastatingly high violent crime rate in Louisville.

The summit, included panel speakers from diverse backgrounds, with diverse occupations, and all with different perspectives. Our friend Christopher 2X, a Peace and Justice Advocate and Director of the non-profit Game Changers, played a pivotal role in helping select the panelists and attendees.

That Thursday morning we heard from many Loisvillians who had lost friends and family, from non-profit groups providing wraparound services, and even Pegasus Institute's Josh Crawford presented on the science and research around violent crimes and victimization.

For those of you who weren't able to join the summit, or do not often find yourselves focusing on the issues of violent crime in Louisville, we spent an hour talking with US Attorney Coleman and Christopher 2X about the importance of this event, and why it needed to happen.

The conversation around homicides is always a tough one. It is hard to listen to family members discuss loved ones they have lost, but it is the most important conversation we can have. For those groups and individuals involved in reducing violent crime, we say thank you. For those who may have never thought about the issue or understood its impact, I hope this conversation invites you in. There are so many ways you can get involved, and this issue is too serious to continue avoiding.

Find the full conversation on the 2020 Violent Crime Summit with the links BELOW -

Find Christopher 2X's Game Changers website and research HERE

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