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  • Jared Crawford

Leave Kentucky's Vape Industry Alone

Why won't lawmakers just leave the vape and e-cigarette industries alone?

On this week's Pegasus Podcast we explored the myths and misinformation about vaping with Paul Blair of Americans for Tax Reform. Paul is a leading advocates for sensible vape policy. In the last few years, as politicians have pushed for higher taxes, flavor bans and other regulations on vape, groups like Americans for Tax Reform have made sure to protect industry.

The medical research on vaping is clear. As a much healthier alternative to cigarettes, we should support the adults who are making the switch from cigarettes to vapes. We should not scare them back to cigarettes or burden them with unnecessary taxes and regulations. Thousands of adults are switching from cigarettes to vapes, the last thing we need to do is force them to switch back.

Our conversation with Paul comes at a time when anti-smoking groups in Kentucky are using half-truths, misinformation, and scare tactics to destroy the vaping industry. Without thought for the thousands of adults who are making healthier decisions or the employees and shops selling the products, many lawmakers and advocacy groups have taken to and all out war on vaping.

Check out today's conversation to learn the truth about vaping and the immense benefits adults and our Commonwealth get from the industry.

Find the full episode BELOW:

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