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  • Jared Crawford

Tort Reform in Kentucky on the Pegasus Podcast

Over the last few years in Kentucky, we have had many conversations about tort reform. It is an issue that concerns our legal system, business climate, and consumer outcomes. But what exactly is tort reform?

On this week's Pegasus Podcast, we break down just what tort reform does and does not mean for the people of Kentucky. Janet Norton, Vice President and Chief Legal & Regulatory Affairs Officer for Baptist Health, joined us to give an insider's perspective on tort law in Kentucky as well as some simple solutions that Kentucky lawmakers can pass to sure up our tort regulations.

For Kentucky, the conversation is about more than just keeping up with the neighbors. While states like Indiana and West Virginia have recently passed strong tort reform measures, Kentucky must focus on passing policies that preserve the integrity of its system. Unfortunately, a broken system means there are those out to take advantage of it, ultimately harming everyone.

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