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The Top 5 Pegasus Podcast Episodes of 2019

In 2019 we put out nearly 50 podcast episodes for our listeners. We featured guests from around Kentucky, and hit on a wide range of topics. So what were the top 5 episodes of 2019? Check out which episodes made the list BELOW and find all of our episodes from 2019 HERE.

Thank you again to the many guests who took the time to join the podcast this last year! Without so many great guest we would not be able to produce such a great product for our listeners.

Any podcast guest or topics that you want us to discuss? Reach out to Jared Crawford at with your suggestions.


1.Why Louisville Needs Charter Schools with Guest Asa Coleman

Asa Coleman is a teacher and educator determined to bring educational choice to all of Kentucky's kids. She's worked in both traditional public schools and charter schools and knows exactly how charter schools can benefit students. Working in DC charter schools allowed her freedom allowed her to help some of the urban schools' most underserved students.

To her, it's not about the politics, it's about the kids. It's about giving poor, minority students the education they deserve.

2.Tax Hikes in Louisville, Tax Reform in Frankfort

After defeating a proposed tax hike in Louisville, Councilman Anthony Piagentini joined the podcast to discuss exactly what happened, and why the proposal was so easily defeated. Louisville needs tax changes and big ones, but this tax increase was not the right for the short or long term.

Included on this episode was also a discussion about the removal of the bank franchise tax with Blake Willoughby. Unlike the insurance premium tax increase in Louisville, removing this tax made sense and was a common sense policy change.

3.Social Security Disability and the Culture of Dependence with Commissioner Bryan Hubbard

Without a doubt, the report discussed in this episode was the most shocking discussion we had in 2019. Bryan Hubbard discusses his report on the culture of dependency around Social Security Disability Insurance in Kentucky. Kentucky has seen staggering growth in the number of people receiving SSDI - and there seems to be end in sight.

4.Sanctuary Cities in Kentucky with Special Guest FOP President Jason Rothermund

Back in July, legislators and members of law enforcement rolled out a proposal to ban sanctuary cities in Kentucky. How will this affect Kentucky? On this podcast, we sat down with Bluegrass Lodge 4 FOP President Jason Rothermund to discuss just how important this policy can be. While the policy is critical for cooperation between law enforcement groups, it also ensures Kentucky cannot be denied certain federal grants.

5.What's going on with Iran, Student Loan Debt, and Reparations with Special Guest Rob Givens

Retired Air Force General Rob Givens returns to the show to discuss the most recent news with Iran, and what Americans should know and and why Americans should care about the events. What are some of the possible solutions to the situation with Iran? Tune in to hear Rob break down some of our options.

Democratic candidates for President have taken on some large policy proposals recently, including student loan debt cancellation and reparations. What are the implications of these policies? What might be some of the problems? On this episode, we break down some of the issues with these policy proposals.

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