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  • Josh Crawford

Lower Health Care Costs Act comes with own price

On Sunday, Dec. 8, federal lawmakers unveiled the “Lower Health Care Costs Act of 2019” (LHCCA). The bill aims to tackle some of the issues facing the American healthcare system, most notably “surprise billing.” Surprise billing happens when a patient receives treatment at a hospital covered by their insurance, but part, or all, of the care is carried out by an out-of-network provider contracted with the hospital. As a result, some, or all, of the costs are not covered by your insurance and - Surprise! - you now have a bill you weren’t expecting. No one wants to get a bill in the mail, especially one they weren’t expecting, but in the case of the “Lower Health Care Costs Act of 2019,” the medicine is worse than the ailment.

Continue reading the entire piece here at Kentucky Today

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