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Introducing Pegasus Institute's Policy Advisors

We are pleased to announce our policy advisors!

We've worked hard to find the most talented collection of policy minds in the state of Kentucky, and we think we've achieved that. These are the individuals who we lean on to help guide our research and illuminate the important issues that our Commonwealth faces.

It was important to us that it wasn't a homogeneous group. We wanted a wide range of regional perspectives, and importantly, political perspectives. Our non-fiduciary, volunteer, policy advisors won't always agree with us, or each other. That wasn't the goal. The goal was to bring multiple perspectives to the table that can help guide and strengthen our work.

Center for Academic Excellence Governor Paul Patton – 59th Governor of Kentucky Trey Grayson– 74th Secretary of State of Kentucky

Virgina G. Fox – Former Secretary, Kentucky Education Cabinet

Dr. Gary Houchens – Professor, Western Kentucky University; Kentucky State Board of Education Heather Huddleston – Executive Director, School Choice Scholarships Center for Economic Advancement Dr. Arthur Laffer – Founder & Chairman, Laffer Associates Nikki Jackson – Senior Vice-President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Lawrence W. Reed – President, Foundation for Economic Education Morris “Mo” Miller – Lincoln Trail Workforce Development Board; Lincoln Trail Venture Group Suzanne Bergmeister – Assistant Director of the Forcht Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Louisville School of Business Center for Justice Ray Larson – Former Fayette County Commonwealth Attorney Robert Lawson – Professor Emeritus, University of Kentucky College of Law Dr. John P. Wright – Professor, University of Cincinnati School of Criminal Justice Judge Jerry Bowles – Jefferson Circuit Family Court Judge (Ret.) Tommy Turner – LaRue County Judge Executive Center for Self-Government Judge David Williams – Former Kentucky Senate President Steve Robertson – Senior Vice President, CivicPoint; Former Chairman, Kentucky Republican Party Brooke Parker – Vice President, CivicPoint Kristen Webb-Hill – Member, Frost Brown Todd

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