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  • Jordan Harris

Introducing: Pegasus Blog

Welcome to Pegasus Blog. When we decided to form Pegasus Institute we knew that a blog would be an important piece of our communication. Our core work, as you know, is our research, which we are currently heavily invested in. We have some tremendous work in the pipeline. The blog allows us to more easily comment on the policy issues of the day, and hopefully make worthwhile and intelligent contributions. As the tagline suggests, our primary effort here will be to “communicate ideas,” and “celebrate Kentucky.” There is a lot to love about our state and as we travel around or come across things that grow our affection, we will share them. Likewise, there are several policy issues that we can contribute on outside of direct policy work. We will primarily do that here.

Ultimately, we only exist for one purpose: We want to make Kentucky excellent. Just like the rest of our work, our blog will constantly drive that objective. We hope that this will be place you can always turn for thoughtful engagement on the issues important in Kentucky. In the meantime, here is a picture of Kentucky-bred Arrogate after winning the Pegasus World Cup this weekend*.

*The Pegasus World Cup, which was run for the first time last weekend, features the largest purse ($12 million) in all of horse racing, which we don’t hate.

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