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COVID-19 Research

Here at Pegasus Institute, we are committed to providing as much research and information relevant to COVID-19 and its impact on Kentucky as we can. We will focus on the pandemic’s impact on the economy, public safety, food supply, individual liberties, and more. 

To make it easier for you to access our work related to COVID-19, we have created this page with links to everything. Blogs, podcasts, social media posts - it will all be here. Check it out below!

Private Industry, Not Government, is the Key to Solving Covid-19 - May 28


Stay-at-Home Order May Have Increased Domestic Violence in Louisville - May 19


Tennessee Continues to Test nearly 2x as Many Residents per Capita as Kentucky, Still has Fewer Deaths - May 15


Policies for a Coronavirus Shut-down Recovery - May 11


As COVID-19 Lockdowns Persist, So Does Deadly Violence - May 1


There is Very Little Consistency or Apparent Coordination Between 7 State Reopen Pact ; Here's Where Each Stand as of May 1 - May 1


Unemployment Relief May Be Hard to Come by for Some Kentuckians - April 30


Kentucky Meets Most of the Criteria of White House Phase One for Reopening but No Longer Appears to Be Following It - April 28


COVID-19 Hospitalizations in Kentucky Have Slowed Considerably Over the Last Week - April 25


Kentucky Coronavirus Hospitalizations per capita More than 2x Higher than Tennessee - April 23


Tennessee has Tested 3x as Many Residents as Kentucky and has 40% Fewer Deaths Per Capita - April 22


How are States Responding to COVID-19?: Exploratory Questions, Descriptive Statistics & Correlations - April 21


Kentucky Could Be Out of Money to Pay Unemployment Benefits in Less Than a Month - April 21


Covid-19: Kentucky’s Looming Budget Crisis - April 20


Kentucky's Per Capita Unemployment Claims More than 20% Higher Than Next Closest Neighboring State - April 20


How Does Kentucky Stack Up with White House's New "Opening Up America Again" Criteria? - April 17


Despite Strong Start, Kentucky is Considerably Behind in COVID-19 Testing - April 17


New Economic Data Even Worse Than Anticipated -- No Exit Strategy for Kentucky in Sight - April 15


Kentucky's Largest Cities Projected to be Among Worst Impacted in the United States by Economic Pause - April 13


In the Midst of COVID-19, Don’t Forget About Crime Victims - April 9


Kentucky 8th Highest in United States in Unemployment Claims, Highest in Region - April 9


The CARES Act: Relief, But What About Recovery? - April 9


Research Supports Releasing Certain Inmates in Response to COVID-19 - April 8

Policing During a Pandemic - April 7

We’re All De-regulators Now - April 6

COVID-19: In Rush to Act, There are a lot of Questions that We Still Haven’t Answered - April 3

Guest Blog: Kentucky's Emergency Order Statutes are Being Tested. They Grant Too Much Power. - March 27

In this time of crisis, be thankful for the American farmer - March 27

After Days of Delay, the Senate has Passed the Phase III Coronavirus Relief Package. Here is what’s in it. - March 26

COVID-19 and P-12 Education in Kentucky, Explained - March 25


Want to know what is in the Senate's Coronavirus Relief Bill? Here is a Breakdown. - March 19


No, the U.S. Senate Did Not Delay a Vote on Coronavirus Relief - March 19


Payroll Tax Holiday Will Not Provide Needed Economic Boost - March 17

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