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Center for Academic Excellence: Research Library

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Economic Impacts of School Choice in Kentucky

Although Kentucky enacted a charter school law in 2017, the state does not have any public charter schools because a funding mechanism currently does not exist. How would access to public charter schools in Kentucky affect students and their communities?

This report summarizes the state of the scientific evidence on public charter schools. The preponderance of the rigorous evidence suggests that access to public charter schools generally benefits students by increasing academic achievement and educational attainment.

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Test scores, education spending, and productivity in kentucky public education 

This report examines the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NEAP) test scores for Kentucky students for the roughly 25-year time span from the 1990s forward, as well as changes in funding (inclusive of state, local, and federal) of K-12 in the Commonwealth during that period. Changes in the racial gap in test scores is also examined, along with the gap between the scores of students from low-income families and students from other families.

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