Nearly half of all probation and parole sentences in Kentucky result in incarceration

Kentucky’s expanding prison population has been a source of conversation and policy debate for years now, but probation and parole—two of the largest channels into the prison system—have largely been absent from these conversations. Kentucky’s recidivism rate, the rate at which people return to prison, was 32.2 percent in 2016. That equates to about 6,000 potential recidivists from the 18,640 released prisoners in 2016. During the same year, 52 percent of people on parole, or 6,210 individuals, ended parole by being incarcerated. Similarly, 40 percent of those exiting probation, or 7,175 individuals, entered prison. In sum, more than 13,000 people entered prison from community supervision i

Research Continues to Show Lingering Impact of Violence

Jersey signed by 17 year old homicide victim Devin Sesay's teammates and presented to his mother Eleven months ago, we released our Voices of the Survivors: Louisville Metro Violent Crime Impact Report, which examined the emotional and financial impact of violent crime on individuals, families, and communities in Louisville. Our report found that, as one might expect, the toll of violent crime was significant. Survivors of non-fatal gunshot wounds and surviving family members of homicide victims continue to struggle with these impacts long after hospital visits and funerals. Two new reports, one local and one from the Health Affairs Journal, continue to shed light on the struggles faced by v



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