Term limits are popular. There is little evidence they are effective.

It is quite common for politicians, especially those running for the Executive to pontificate about term limits. It's a sensible political strategy since the idea is extremely popular with voters. Polls in recent years have found support for terms limits for the US Congress as high as 82 percent. The discussion entered the Kentucky Governor's race yesterday with one candidate proposing to limit Kentucky House members to four consecutive terms and Kentucky Senate members to two consecutive terms. A movement in the 1990's led to the adoption of term limits in 21 states led by California, Colorado, and Oklahoma in 1990. Nebraska was the most recent state to implement term limits in 2000. As of

Guest Blog: The Importance of Celebrating Independence Day

Independence Day arrives this week. All across the country, Americans will be eating grilled hamburgers and hotdogs while watching firetrucks, beauty queens, and politicians ride in parades. Later in the evening, the night sky shine as neighborhoods, towns, and cities display bombastic fireworks. It is a day patriotism, patriotic music, tri-corner hats, and a celebration of who and what we are. In short, Independence Day is pure, unadulterated Americana. And it is wonderful! Celebrating Independence Day with cookouts, parades, and fireworks is exactly what the Founders wanted. As John Adams famously told his wife, Abagail, he believed that Independence Day would become the “most memorable Ep



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