Kentucky's New Concealed Carry Law Goes into Effect Today. Will Crime Increase?

Today Kentucky becomes one of 15 states that do not require a permit to carry a concealed firearm. The new law does not change where individuals can carry weapons, and with a small exception for certain misdemeanor convictions, does not change who can lawfully possess a firearm. In fact, Kentuckians could already “open carry” – that is, carry a weapon in plain sight, without a permit. Permit-less Carry States are among the safest states in the country According to U.S. News & World Report, five of the ten “safest” states in the country – as measured by violent and property crime rates – are permit-less carry states, including all three of the safest, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. Maine

Kentucky's most successful Millennials are leaving. Where are they going?

A study released earlier this month found that Kentucky is one of the worst states in the United States at retaining successful millennials. The study compared data from all 50 states, and the District of Columbia, looking at the inflow of millennials, loosely defined as age 35 and under in the study, with an adjusted gross income of at least $100,000. It compared that with outflows under the same criteria. The tax data was gathered from the IRS for 2015-2016. Kentucky has one of worst net out migrations in the United States, with only 962 inflows but 1,189 outflows. The net loss of 227 puts Kentucky at 40th nationally. These numbers do not come as a great surprise but are a cause for concer

Lexington's Unemployment Rate is Below 3 Percent. How Do Other Metro Areas Compare?

Every month the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases area specific wage and employment data for metro areas. Kentucky is in a unique position for a few reasons. A) There are nine different metro areas that have at least one Kentucky county in them, but only five are based in Kentucky. Those five, in order of size, are Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Owensboro, and Elizabethtown. Four more regions, Cincinnati, OH, Evansville, IN, Huntington, WV, and Clarksville, TN all have portions of Kentucky in them despite being rooted in other states. B) Because of Kentucky's significantly large rural population, the metro data can not be relied on for a full understanding of the state's economy. It

Kentucky’s Proposed Ban of Tattooing Over Scars is Government Overreach

In early May, Kentucky’s Cabinet for Health and Family Services rolled out new proposed regulations for the tattoo industry, among them was a proposal to prohibit tattooing over all scars. The cabinet is looking to update these regulations for this first time in nearly 15 years. Medical professionals and tattoo artists agree, this proposal is unnecessary and unscientific. Why would someone want a tattoo over a scar? Tattooing over scars is a much more common practice that one might realize. In fact, tattooing over scars is usually done with some of the best intentions. Among the stories most commonly associated with tattooing over scars are those of breast cancer survivors and survivors of s

Kentucky's Imports from Mexico are 4th Highest as a Percentage of GDP in the US - Tariffs will b

Throwing economic sensibilities and consensus to the wind, the Trump Administration is pursuing significant tariffs on products from Mexico, one of America and Kentucky's largest trading partners. Late on the evening of the 5th, the President announced in a tweet that “not nearly enough” progress had been made during discussions between the two countries and that “if no agreement is reached, Tariffs at the 5% level will begin on Monday, with monthly increases as per schedule.” This is a devastating prospect for Kentucky's economy, which is in one of its strongest positions in state history. Comparing analysis by the New York Times using Bureau of Economic Analysis data, as well as Census Bur

Unemployment Insurance Used Longer Than National Average in 9 of 10 Kentucky Regions

New Report: Since the deepest points of the Great Recession, the number of people in the labor market who are unemployed has dropped by 64 percent, a remarkable testament to the strength of our recovery. The decrease, even with the considerable increase in the labor market as a whole, has caused a precipitous drop in the unemployment rate, which is matching its lowest marks ever recorded. Our unemployment insurance structure remains a problem however, and one that is having an important impact on Kentucky's workforce. Kentucky currently has the 3rd highest weekly benefit in the United States, alongside the 4th highest tax rate schedule, both worthy of caution in their own right. They help co

Kentucky Payroll Growth Among Highest in Southeast & Neighboring States in April

For Kentucky, virtually every indicator of economic growth is moving in a positive direction right now. The states labor force is among the largest in history, there are more people employed than ever before, and individuals seeking unemployment has decreased by more than 60 percent since the heights of the Great Recession. Recent payroll data shows a continued positive trend with Kentucky on the right side of the bell curve in raw number of individuals added to payrolls and in month over month percentage increase. Preliminary Bureau of Labor Statistics data from March to April, the most recently available data, shows that Kentucky added approximately 4,000 individuals to payrolls between th



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