Tax Rate Leads to Exit from Kentucky

The Cato Institute recently published a study by Chris Edwards on tax reform and interstate migration. Interestingly, the two factors seem to be linked, with people preferring to live in states with lower tax rates, to the point where they “vote with their feet” by moving to a different state. The general conclusion is that high-tax states have higher level of out-migration than do lower-tax states. The report splits the states into one of two categories, either high-tax or low-tax, as well as measuring the net migration in or out of the state. The findings indicate bad news for Kentucky, at least in part. The study shows that Kentucky has lost out because of its tax rate. Edwards states, “K

For Those Affected by Violent Crime, Pain Continues as the Case Develops

When bullets strike flesh, lives are forever changed. When the victim is killed, families are left behind to grieve, to deal with the criminal justice system, to try to pull their lives back together and resist the urge to retaliate. When the victim survives, the physical recovery is only trumped by the emotional recovery. Last year we published a white paper titled; “Voices of the Survivors: Louisville Metro Violence Crime Impact Report.” The goal of the report was to, for the first time in our city, qualify and quantify the impact of murder and non-fatal shootings on the individuals they leave behind. The week of August 20th served as a sobering reminded of what victims and their families



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