Focused Deterrence Policing Can Reduce Murder in Louisville

Displayed in her office window, Councilwoman Angela Leet has begun counting the number of shootings and homicides in the city of Louisville. The numbers are staggering. A few months after 124 homicides made 2016 the deadliest year in recent history, we are exceeding last years pace. The solution is manifold, but the first, and perhaps most important step is a focused deterrence policing strategy. What is focused deterrence policing? Starting with Boston’s Operation Ceasefire in the mid-1990s, focused deterrence policing strategies are policing programs that concentrate efforts on a small number of repeat offenders who exhibit a specific criminal behavior. Since the first publication of the r

Enough is Enough

Louisville’s first football game last season was a dazzling performance by Lamar Jackson. I was lucky enough to be there in person. Sure, Charlotte was not a high quality opponent but it was clear that the young man in the pocket was doing something special. At halftime, Lamar had eight touchdowns. That’s right, eight. Over the course of the first half, the person next to me became a cheering partner. I was sitting in a section with several coaches wives and former players, but I didn’t recognize the person I was next to. Finally, in the second half, as the blowout wore on, I asked his name and whether he too was a former player. “Abe Brown, linebacker,” he replied. Abe had brought a big cro



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